Network Marketing Accelerator: Business Growth Strategies

This program creates industry leaders.

We strive to be different and unique so that we stand out in the crowd. As entrepreneurs, we need to focus on strategies that are outside the box for most people in the industry. This is what will make you successful!

Are you sick of being asked to post stock images from corporate, focused solely on making a sale and not solving problems? Would you like marketing techniques that don't involve adding friends, family & friends of friends to a sale group on Facebook?

I created this program because I wanted something that was a step beyond what most coaches provide. This program will take you through the exact process that I took to build three successful online businesses on my own.

Here's what you'll get with the Network Marketing Accelerator:

  • Free 1-month access to a private business membership portal with a tools and resource library, forum, and tutorial videos
  • Lifetime access to online course material, focused on business growth strategies including: time auditing, mindset, your "why," alignment, elevator speech, content strategy, systems, email welcome series, workbooks, course and webinar creation. We also focus on personal branding, facebook groups, business page and ads, social media "tweets", instagram growth, LG nights, affiliate marketing, party swaps, and self-care.
  • A support community to help you stay on track and to keep you accountable,
  • And more!

Be sure to join our Up-Level community to network, collaborate, and support with other go-getters in the industry.


The NM Intensive really helped connect the dots in a bunch of places for me. It enabled me to move forward with a bunch of systems implementation that had been bogging me down for quite some time. - Dawn M.

Working with Jenna has been a game-changer for my business. In just a few weeks, I've learned more and done more work for my business than in the last year combined. Jenna was always very available to encourage me and answer any questions I had. I will definitely be working with her again because she knows her stuff! - Rebecca Turner

Your Instructor

Jenna Carelli
Jenna Carelli

Jenna is a Mom, fueled by coffee, wine, and old fashioned’s. Jenna’s mission is to serve gym-owners, dietitians, and authors in a way that is authentic to themselves and their brand. Jenna’s company is a team of 10 professionals all working within their own zone of genius, for you, to scale your business and automate it completely so that your time is free and you are available to focus more on yourself and your family. Jenna’s team provides high-level business strategy and full-service implementation so that you can work less, yet earn a lot more. Her team thrives on giving their clients a business and lifestyle that they are freaking obsessed with!

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