The Fat Loss Accelerator Kickstarter Program

Effective Workouts with a Nutrition Plan that is Macronutrient-Based

Are you tired of trying every diet and fitness program out there and still not seeing results?

Would you love to find a way to lose weight and still enjoy the food (and drinks!) you love?

My Fat Loss Accelerator Kickstarter Program is the program you’ve been searching for! In this 5 week program, we combine effective workouts with a nutrition plan that’s macronutrient-based. That means that you can eat your favorite foods while losing weight! And, if you're like me and you’re a big fan of wine or other adult beverages, I’ll teach you how to incorporate those into our nutrition plan, too.

Here's What You'll Get With the Kickstarter Program:

  • My highly effective workout plan to help rev up your metabolism so you can burn fat, even when you’re resting
  • A macronutrient-based nutrition plan that incorporates intermittent fasting to help you shed fat even faster
  • Tips for incorporating probiotics into your daily routine to help you lose fat and improve your gut health
  • A support community to help you stay on track and to keep you accountable,
  • And more!

Your Instructor

Jenna Carelli
Jenna Carelli

Jenna Carelli is a nutrition and fitness coach for women who don't want to give up their favorite foods and a growth coach for women ready to up-level their business while cutting their work hours.

As a business growth coach, Jenna helps her clients:

  • Perfect the foundations of their business and automate 90% of their business, including their marketing funnels.
  • Organize their back-end systems and get the annoying tech-y stuff under control.
  • Develop a content strategy that actually works and become an expert at sales calls to the point where they seem easy.

As a nutrition and fitness coach, Jenna helps her clients:

  • Shed body fat and take their health and fitness to a new level.
  • Rev up their metabolism so they burn fat, even while at rest.
  • Lose weight and still enjoy the food (and drinks) they love.

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