The Fat Loss Accelerator Kickstarter Program

Effective Workouts with a Nutrition Plan that is Macronutrient-Based

Are you tired of trying every diet and fitness program out there and still not seeing results?

Would you love to find a way to lose weight and still enjoy the food (and drinks!) you love?

My Fat Loss Accelerator Kickstarter Program is the program you’ve been searching for! In this 5 week program, we combine effective workouts with a nutrition plan that’s macronutrient-based. That means that you can eat your favorite foods while losing weight! And, if you're like me and you’re a big fan of wine or other adult beverages, I’ll teach you how to incorporate those into our nutrition plan, too.

Here's What You'll Get With the Kickstarter Program:

  • My highly effective workout plan to help rev up your metabolism so you can burn fat, even when you’re resting
  • A macronutrient-based nutrition plan that incorporates intermittent fasting to help you shed fat even faster
  • Tips for incorporating probiotics into your daily routine to help you lose fat and improve your gut health
  • A support community to help you stay on track and to keep you accountable,
  • And more!

Your Instructor

Jenna Carelli
Jenna Carelli

Jenna Carelli is a business growth coach and also the host of the Uplevel With Implementation Facebook Community. Jenna teaches all the online marketing strategies that help you grow your bottom line, allowing you to work less yet earn more in order to free up time for family, friends, and doing whatever the heck else you want!

There are 3 growth strategies that are the center of what Jenna teaches her clients: Business Automation, Systems, and Outreach. All three of these strategies go hand-in-hand and work for every industry in the online space.

As a Business Growth Coach, Jenna helps her clients:

  • Perfect the foundations of their business and automate 90% of their online business.
  • Organize their back-end systems and get the annoying tech-y stuff under control.
  • Develop a content strategy that actually works and become an expert at sales calls to the point where they seem easy.

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